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Easy / simple explanation of Einstein Theory of Relativity / time dilation / length contraction / speed of light / resistance / Quantum Mechanics (0)

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    How is this website set up (all have to do with the lack of time)?
  • this website exist out of 3 parts which are marked in the titles with (2), (1) and (0), part (2) is being called the second webpage, part (1) the first webpage, part (0) is a continuation from the first webpage (1)
  • the 3 parts are in fact sorted on most recent contents, so part (0) is the most recent
  • part (2) have been written years ago and was giving my first thoughts about time etc.
  • part (1) has yet still the first part of part (2), but has the newer thoughts following written through under 0.1 Remarks, at the end of this subsection one finds a button to go to part (0)
  • part (0) is a continuation from 0.1 Remarks in part (1) and is more pointed to the Quantum Mechanics, but starts first with a summary of the most important thoughts primarily related to the Special Theory of Relativity which forms the base of the General Theory of Relativity (is the Special theory not right, than is the General theory also not right)

(15/05/17) I think I understand suddenly why possibly the Big Bang have been happened (search on 15/05/17 in this webpage)! Energy is probably also an emergent property! Scroll down please and the easy / simple descripion about Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and more starts (a.o. the easy / simple explanation about gravitational force, but is no force, and how a clock can be running slower, see 2.7, or my thought that energy (as a kind of physical power source) don't need to exist really, or Higgs fields don't need to exist really (within our dimensions), see 6.0)! Or my last new thought (15/02/17): an idea model for the entanglement of particles (see 0.1)! The fourth dimension can be the solution for the Theory of Relativity and the Quantum Mechanics! (07/05/17) And a possible reason why one detects an elementary particle in superposition on two locations (also a new thought, see 05/10/18)! (or search these subjects on date) Because of too long text, the explanation has been divided in 2 webpages (1) and (2). Since 2011 busy with these subjects. On the first webpage (1), you find my latest thoughts, on the second webpage (2) how I came to these thoughts in my way. Especially in these kinds of subjects you have to grow (and to study, and above all to keep going on) and that goes slow!

(12/08/17) What is time, how can this time exists via the fourth dimension where the time 0 (timeless) is? (20/09/17) Time is emergent, our universe is timeless! (22/09/17) Is nothing out of balance? (23/09/17) My time 0 or timeless final conclusion FOR NOW (physically)! See text below in box "My general idea about everything until now"! If you don't believe in energy (as I do) then we live in a kind of unreal world! (04/12/17) Mass is energy, but time is an energy ratio! (03/02/18) Emergent energy is as well mass as time (amount versus density)! (26/06/18) Gravitational waves cause as I think possibly a kind of length contraction (3D)! (or search these subjects on date)

(18/10/18) Our unreal world is in fact already proven by the Theory of Relativity, even space is also relative! (25/01/19) What is now in fact that fourth dimension as I see it? (19/02/19) I think that the "Lorentz transformation" is not right implemented and materials are shrinking! (or search these subjects on date)

(15/08/19) As I think of course, possibly for the time being. Energy is an emergent property, so exist at structure or macro level, but all particles represent a specified amount of energy. Increasing the amount of emergent energy increases the mass of a structure (through the amount of materials or emergent energy per particle), (local) time is the density of emergent energy per particle and so is being determined at structure or macro level (so an emergent property) and is inside a structure everywhere the same, "gravitational force" is the consequence of the Big Bang and is the binding (kind of glue) between the separated structures, "gravitational force" is being determined through the mass (so also through the amount of materials and locally proportionally through the amount of particles which present that mass, so can vary at locations) and so exist also at structure or macro level (so an emergent property). It seems if "gravitational force" is a reserved part of the emergent energy. (or search these subjects on date)

(07/09/19 - 28/09/19) As I think of course, are there infinitely more points in space being a singular point, so just as that only point in a black hole where the time 0 is (timeless), but has around an infinite density of energy? ((10/09/19) + conclusion for the time being again) (or search these subjects on date)

(20/04/20 - 03/08/20) New thought. Every energy has an anti-energy for the same value, this ant-energy is located in the fourth dimension. Energies attract, anti-energy pushes off. This anti-energy forms the concept time. Gravitational force is a dense form of anti-energy. I think there is more anti-energy then energy. In fact also now a clear concept of time. And what is now in fact the similarity as I think between materials and our capability of thinking / consciousness? And what is now in fact the similarity as I think between to believe in "something" (as Einstein did) or totally nothing? (13/09/20) If you tries to go back to the start of the Big Bang, you disappears as materials and ends as a photon (so light) with the speed of light. See at the bottom of part (1) for more explanation. (or search these subjects on date)

(19/12/20) My final personal conclusion about the Theory of Relativity (now I can continue with the timeless in the Quantum Mechanics). See at the bottom of part (1) for more explanation. (or search these subjects on date)

In this website I have my own thoughts, through a physics (individual) study about the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics I try to find out if these thoughts or nonsense or not (so, just the other way, first studying and then trying to get new thoughts)! Is everything a coincidence (so, "something" exists forever without beginning and reason) of do we overlook something (and/or are we not smart enough yet)? Why is this insight so important in our lives? For setting the future on the right track for the next generations ..

(22/09/17) Also I have my own thoughts, I read of course facts (especially formulas) from physics from others (mainly Wiki, in fact until now I have read only my mathematics book, this makes my studies exciting to discover what is eventually wrong to my own thoughts), if I think something what others already think, is difficult to check, it goes me purely about the truth (I claim nothing, and do I think nonsenses, I don't care).

The name of this website "From Einstein To The United Nations" means from the subject Einstein to the subject United Nations.

Table of contents: (show / hide, click on number of section)

0.1  Remarks
0.1.1  Remarks (continuation but now more pointed to the Quantum Mechanics)
0.2  Short insertion (written in 2015 and unchanged) "Stop Veto Power United Nations" (there exist an invisible universe with time 0 or timeless)
0.3  Introduction

1.1  Short summary (for whom is in hurry, in 2.1 starts the longer version, meanwhile both equally in length)
1.2  Examples
1.3  Natural resistance / braking
1.3a  Speed of light always measured constantly, made clearly visible (own thought)
1.4  Time Travelling
1.5  Summarised and personal thought (most logical I think)
1.6  E = m.c²
1.7  Thinking in more dimensions (> 3)

2.1  General
2.2  Time and distances (space)
2.3  Time dilation
2.4  Length contraction
2.5  Relativity
2.6  Symmetry and simultaneity
2.7  Easy / simple explanation about gravitational force (but is no force) and how a clock can be running slower
2.8  Gravitational waves

3.0  My own thoughts about our universe (why the speed of light is always constant, follow a curved path because of the gravitational "force" or the Higgs fields, why particles can be on 2 places at the same time, possibly direct communication with everyone and anything in our universe etc., the existance of an invisible universe with time 0 or timeless near the visible universe but Einstein is still valid, photons which pass the time 0 or timelessness + summarized in an overall picture)

4.0  Parallel worlds and own opinion

5.0  Quantum Mechanics and own opinion

6.0  Conclusion: My own hypotheses (Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics)
6.1  Have the time 0 "signal" a time 0 or timeless or an unlimited great speed, and do we live in a programmed world, we can never understand it completely, it is most logical there must be more (own thoughts)?

7.0  Last thought for which the text on this page must be updated

0.1.1  Remarks (continuation from 0.1 but now more pointed to the Quantum Mechanics), so this is the second part of the first webpage (1)

    (15/08/19) Summary of my most important thoughts until now, before I continue with the Quantum Mechanics below (second box):
  • Statement, from part (2): so generally how faster something goes, how more extra natural resistance / braking experienced. This is also the case within systems it selves. E.g. without Einstein/Lorentz (so Newton) two speeds could be added or subtracted. With Einstein/Lorentz the sum of two speeds gives a (bit) lower speed (because there is more extra natural resistance / braking, cost more kinetic energy than available), and for the subtraction a (bit) greater speed (because there is lesser extra natural resistance / braking, there is more kinetic energy available). (06/10/19) See extra explanation at the bottom in part (1), at 1).
  • Statement, from part (2): I think in one of two systems the time is really going slower and living beings will be older. But it can't be specified which system goes faster if you were not there. But if you consider two systems with equal speed and one uses energy for the second system to go faster in its travelling direction, the time will be going slower in the second system. But for recalculations between the two systems is not important in which system the time is really going slower, because time dilation works in both directions for the exchange of objects and signals. (06/10/19) See extra explanation at the bottom in part (1), at 2).
  • Statement, from part (2): one sees the path of motion for an object from another system in the own system in that way, if that motion with the same kinetic energy stored in that object, in the own system would be originated. Energy is an absolute value. (06/10/19) See extra explanation at the bottom in part (1), at 3).
  • Statement, from part (1): I think that materials really shrink through dense energy. (10/01/21) See extra explanation at the bottom in part (1), at 4).
  • Later ..
  • (20/04/20) The Quantum Mechanics is the study of the relationship of linearly or smoothly (minimally) changes according a specified pattern (called linear vectors) for which the result is also linearly or smoothly, but you could setup something equally in another study for which that changes are not linearly or smoothly (take e.g. the added velocities in the Theory of Relativity).
  • Later ..

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The idea of this project is to spread a thought in physics but also to spread thoughts about the UN, both coupled, both alone are not strong enough, it is just a way to bring a thought to people, there is more, to give more power/reasons to improve our world as a group and not to think only at yourself, finally this will end in nothing.