Explanation of Einstein Theory of Relativity - note 102

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There are always people they would say that my easy explanation (maybe difficult enough) in stead of complex drawings not is correct always. E.g. if you change the direction of the train (so running in the other direction), the direction of the train must present the direction of light or the direction of time (you can't go in the opposite direction of time). Also can you ask yourself, is the story of the train still correct if you know now, you see all shorter. Indeed if you move you see the passing train shorter, so the meters passing train will be lesser. E.g. or if you change the direction of the light wave, this makes no difference but is more difficult to understand, both directions of light presents the same time, only the motion in positive meters is important (as well time as motion can't be negative, e.g. driving backwards has nothing to do with this subject).