My own idea’s about speed > C (old thought)

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My own idea’s about speed > C (old thought)

There is spoken about a Higgs particle to be discovered in 2012 in CERN. A Higgs particle is the carrier of a Higgs field responsible for the mass (weight) of an object. Without Higgs particles there are no Higgs fields. It seems to be that everywhere are Higgs fields around us, also in space (so space is not empty) and also in atoms by which particles in an atom get mass. The sum of the mass of atoms is the mass of its object. An object will be slow downed in a Higgs field, so gives the effect that an object with more mass gets slower a specific speed than an object with lesser mass. Without Higgs fields would everything move crisscross with the speed of light. One tries to track the Higgs parts in CERN. Only the Higgs field is important, but with the aid of the Higgs particle one can prove the Higgs field and investigate its characteristics.

The current Theory of Relativity might not to be right anymore if will be proved some objects can travel with a speed faster than light. In some experiments in space, speeds > C were measured (like for the neutrino, this can be an error, or not).

I think Einstein will be still valid (Theory of Relativity) but the theory has to be adapted. Of course everything has to be proved first (or partially + a postulate).

Lorentz formula has found thanks the fact the speed of light is always measured constant independently from your own constant speed.

Suppose now that near the speed of light another speed exist which is always constant e.g. the speed of expansion of the universe and is greater than the speed of light.

I think that the ration distance/time in space is encapsulated, with other words the distance which can be fastest over bridged in our time unit (1 second). This is currently the speed of light C, in 1 second 300.000 km can be over bridged, so in this way are space and time with each other connected.

Suppose now that the speed of expansion of the universe S is greater than the speed of light C and so the encapsulated ration distance/time in space is S. Maxwell has proved the speed of light C, so will possibly always be C.

The expansion of the universe leaves than space behind filled with Higgs fields for which under circumstances specified objects can shoot through Higgs fields yet with a greater speed than light. E.g. a low density of the Higgs fields or other circumstances. Once the higher speed, its speed can’t be easy slow downed. A photon (particle of light, mass 0) is possibly captured in its own electromagnetic field (Maxwell).

The Lorentz formula would than not be right anymore, because mathematically seen only valid for one constant speed. So there would be found another formula for which two speeds would be always constant (that’s possible e.g. C = .5 x S for the same time unit). This would mean that for motions the reduction factor in time would be even smaller. But Lorentz could be still valid by replacing C by S (new highest speed), and C stays constant (Maxwell) for the same time units of S. Possibly can S (an unknown constant speed) be found by getting a result (speed > C) somewhere in physics more exactly by replacing C by S.

A solution could be because the time units for as well C as S are equal, Lorentz is valid for speeds below C (γ factor for C) and valid for speeds greater than C (γ factor for S) but the speed can never be C or S for reasons. So the speed C will be a speed to be passed and perhaps possible for a specific object (see attached graph for the reduction factor, made with Mathcad).


So everything is right again (or been making right).